I sought out Y Nut nutrition services specifically for advice on vegan lifestyles. I recently started a vegan lifestyle and wanted to make sure I was getting the proper nutrition (macro and micronutrients). Marta is very knowledgeable about the vegan lifestyle and gave me excellent advice on which types of foods to eat, as well as the supplements necessary to maintain proper nutritional balance while eating plant based. Marta is a pleasure to work with and really cares about her clients. She would send me e-mails of encouragement weeks (and months!) after we met. I definitely recommend Marta to anyone seeking nutrition counseling, especially if you're considering a vegan lifestyle.

David, 02/23/2018

After years of frustrating diets I needed a change in my lifestyle, so I found Marta from YNUT who helped me to achieve my goals and nowadays I feel like a new person. So far I lost 20 pounds and counting without struggling to follow a diet. Now I am feeling full of energy like never before. I couldn’t have done it without Marta who has been coaching and encouraging me.

Guille, 02/12/2018

I have been one of Marta's clients for a few months now and she is the absolute best. I am probably one of her hardest clients because I come from a background of not paying attention to what I eat at all. In the past I have always eaten whatever I wanted and refused to take part in a diet. I still refuse to use a diet but, thanks to Marta, I am smarter about what I eat. She's great because she doesn't tell you specifically what to eat and what not to eat. She tells you how to eat and what essential things you need in your diet. That was the biggest thing for me which I told her from the start. I wanted to have the freedom to eat anything I wanted. I did not want to be told that I couldn't have bread for the rest of my life. That's what I love about her. In our first meeting, we sat down and she asked me to tell her about a regular week of meals. She does not judge you for anything you say (and she had plenty opportunity with me), so it's good to be honest. After that she told me about some stuff I was missing in my diet. Not specific foods but specific types of foods and the different vitamins and minerals. She even taught me some stuff as to why certain types of foods are healthier than others. Bottom line is that Marta knows her stuff and she really sticks with you and helps you out. I came to her simply to learn how to eat healthier and I have already made significant improvements in my diet thanks to her.

Stefan, 11/26/2017

Working with Y Nut and Marta has been wonderful. She explains things in easy to understand terminology even for someone who barely cooks. She is not only helping me get some weight off, I'm understanding so much about nutrition and how to fuel my body so I feel great and live for a long time! :) I am looking forward to a long future of working with Marta.

Jodi, 11/ 6/2017

Working with Marta was one of the best things I did for my health. After being stuck in a rut for so long, and feeling helpless, I am now happy to have someone that helps me to set goals and helps hold me accountable to myself and my word. Marta is very laid back and down to earth, and also very knowledgable about the things she teaches. Since beginning with her 2 months ago, I have lost 15 pounds and have begun to eat healthier and more nutrient rich foods. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to transform the way their body looks both inside and outside. Two thumbs up for Marta!!

Jonathan, 05/ 9/2017

Dietitian Marta Ferraz Valles is an excellent professional who can and is trained to provide comprehensive information on a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, or change your lifestyle to a healthier one with better quality of life, Marta is your ideal choice. Besides being very professional, she is super nice. With her you will feel like home and confident of being in the best hands.

Mariela, 04/ 6/2017

I had been trying to lose weight for the longest time, and I was really committed to losing the weight, so I came up with my own meal plan of an array of different foods, and I was able to lose weight, but after 5 or 6 days, my weight loss started to plateau. I was getting very frustrated because I was working out and trying to eat heathy, but the weight was not coming off. My mother then recommended me to have a consultation meeting with Marta Ferraz Valles. She asked me questions about my current diet at the time and really tried to understand my background of why I wasn't losing weight. I was able to lose more than 25 pounds and counting. She truly changed the way that I look at food and how I must have a balanced diet for weight loss, and after weight loss. I had met another nutritionist a couple years ago, and I can say that Marta is different than any other nutritionist that I have met, she truly cares and wants to help her clients to the best of her ability.

Divya, 03/22/2017